We are excited about you joining our team because we know what the Equis System can do for you. Whether this is a part-time side hustle or your next career move, we look forward to helping you accomplish some huge dreams. By now you should have received and signed your Equis ICA agreement and met with Jessica Miller, our onboarding specialist to help you with:

  • The ExamFX study course (if you are not licensed)
  • Our Telegram chatroom and our team call schedule
  • State-specific instructions on getting licensed

Please bookmark this website. It will help you get from where you are now to becoming a profitable, licensed life insurance agent. Make sure you complete ALL the steps outlined below…


You have a lot to learn and it happens on a weekly basis. We have regular calls you need to hear: ongoing training, recognition, announcements, etc. All Equis’ top agents are on these calls. If you want to be a top agent, you will be on them, too.

Please put these events on your calendar:



  • Monday, 11am EST Monday Morning Kickoff Call (for everyone)
  • Facebook Community Join our Facebook Community to get all kinds of training, tips and reports
  • Daily Sales Training– Zoom call with the top national leaders! The private link is found inside your “Training Center”
  • TIP: Text EQUIS to 797979 and you’ll get text reminders with links half an hour before each meeting.


Our weekly Valdez Group call is:
  • Mondays, 11:00am ESTTeam Call (link posted weekly in Telegram)
  • Friday, 11am EST Leaders Call (for anyone wanting to be a leader- link posted weekly in Telegram)
  • Download the Telegram app and keep notifications turned ON, join in the conversations!


Your first step is to get through the study course material as quickly as you can. Below are some study tips other agents have offered that have helped. Start with this brief training video:


  • Set a study schedule & commit to it
  • Utilize all the tools: video, text, audio, flash cards, practice exams, etc.
  • Chip away at your exam every day, even when you don’t want to
  • The information is a little dry, but keep at it- the concepts will stick
  • The course is only 8 modules, so knock them out fast (should take you 1-3 weeks). The record is 3 days!
  • Earn a lead credit if you finish the course and schedule your exam within one week of enrollment! Talk to your manager for details.


  • Schedule your exam right away (through ExamFX). Many testing centers are backed up, plus it helps hold you accountable to a deadline.
  • Record yourself reading the material and play it back when commuting to your job or other downtimes.
  • If you don’t understand a concept, hop on YouTube—sometimes hearing it explained by another person helps.
  • Take the practice tests and read the comments about why you missed a question. You can learn quickly by making mistakes.
  • Download the Best Practices Guide
  • Download the Study Tips Guide


You only need a 70% or higher to pass. As soon as you pass…

  • Run to the nearest bathroom mirror, look at yourself and scream, “I’m a winner!”
  • Notify Jessica Miller right away so she can be ready to help you start contracting (your next step)
  • Get or schedule fingerprints, ask the testing center staff for info
  • File for your insurance license through your state insurance office (exam certificate, application, fingerprints and the fees). They should take a week or so to process.
  • As soon as it’s available through your State Insurance dept website, you can access, download & print your license


You’re about to launch a new career or side hustle! This is kind of a big deal and you should start talking about it to your friends, family, social media and anyone else you meet. Here’s why: 1) you’ll start getting comfortable having conversations about this and 2) as soon as you have your license, you’ll have a list of folks to talk to so you can start writing insurance policies on DAY ONE!!

Life insurance is something everyone needs, so get chatty. And don’t worry if you don’t know all the insurance lingo, for now, just check interest. Take names and numbers of those who are willing to meet with you. The more you start talking about it, the more you’ll get comfortable talking about it. Challenge yourself to strike up conversations with friends and people you meet. 


As a business owner, you’re going to do this a lot, so why not start now? Whatever size of a list you think you can do, double your goal and tell your manager. If you come up short, you’ll still be far better off.


Send around a text or email announcing this new adventure in your life. Ask friends and family for 15 minutes to review their policy for FREE. You may be surprised at who will be willing to let you review their policy. The key is to speak up and let everyone know what you’re up to.


You already have tons of friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TwitFace or wherever. Take advantage of it. Your friends are going to get life insurance anyway, they might as well get it from you.


You’ve passed your exam and ready to go. Once you have your state license in hand, your next step is to get contracted with our core carriers. Here are the ones you will start with:


  • Great for young families!
  • Term, whole, final expense, UL
  • Contracting in a week


  • Huge brand recognition
  • Term, final expense & UL
  • Contracting in 3-4 weeks


  • Term, final expense
  • Return of premium plans
  • Submit paper app first


  • Wide variety of products
  • Term, whole, final expense
  • Contracting in 3-4 days


  • Term, FE, Accidental Death
  • Return of premium plans
  • Requires E&O Insurance

*NOTE: Some carriers do not require contracting prior to writing your first application. These include: Athene, Ameritas, CFG (Columbian Financial Group), Gerber, MoO, Oxford, Royal Neighbors and Transamerica. However, if you live in a PRE-APPOINTMENT state, the state law requires that you’re contracted first, so please check the Pre-Appointment Chart to make sure.

The following carriers will require E&O insurance prior to contracting: Athene, AIG, Americo, Ameritas, F&G (Fidelity & Guaranty), Gerber and NLG (National Life Group)


As part of your contracting, you will need proof of completion of an Anti-Money Laundering course. It’s quick and easy. There are two places you can get it done:

E&O (Errors & Omissions) insurance is highly recommended as soon as you can. It’s like malpractice insurance for doctors. This covers us as agents in case we mess up a policy application and someone comes back to file a lawsuit. Some carriers require that you have E&O insurance before they will allow contracting. When ready, here’s where you can get signed up for a policy of your own.


Way to go! You’re off to a great start. Now it’s time to contact your manager and schedule a field onboarding call to double-check everything and get you everything you need to succeed in the field.

Here’s what you’ll go over:

  • Make sure you’re 100% onboarded and ready to go
  • Develop a lead strategy that’s right for you
  • Walk through the next steps and any final training
  • Answer questions and make sure you know what you need to do next

If you’re licensed, contracted
and have completed all of the above,
please click on the link to continue.