How to understand, find and refer IUL, Annuity, IBC (Infinite Banking) and DF4L (Debt Free 4 Life) cases

Overview: IBC & DF4L (RYD)

Overview: IUL

Overview: Annuity

Here’s a brief podcast training on how to implement these strategies into your calls and appointments:


1) If there was a program that could help you pay off your debts— including your mortgage— in half the time or better without changing your budget…would you be interested in the math?

2) Have you changed jobs in the last 5 years or do you have an old 401k sitting in the market currently?

Matthew Wilson

Expertise: Infinite Banking, Annuities, Indexed Universal Life

Chris Tinsman

Expertise: DF4L, Infinite Banking, Annuities, Indexed Universal Life

RJ Maki

Expertise: DF4L, Infinite Banking, Annuities, Indexed Universal Life

This illustration gives you a visual explanation of the Debt Free 4 Life program: what it is, how it works so you can incorporate it in your appointments.

What do you say when you’re on a call or an appointment? Download and use this script to help you stay on track.


  • Provide customer service and help with follow-up and communication
  • Show up on the appointment to introduce and edify the specialist
  • Share your six-digit EF number with the specialist

In order to receive your commission, you will need the following contracts approved and in force (E&O insurance will be required):

  • Ameritas, Lafayette, F&G, Columbus, NLG (National Life Group) and Athene