Of all the activities you will do as a life insurance agent, dialing is the most profitable. Want to make more money? Spend more time booking appointments. Everything else will follow.

 3a. Scripts

There are several different types of leads. It’s important that you use the correct script with the correct lead type. The scripts are located on Step 3 of the agent training. Visit the link below and scroll down to the script links to access them. 

It’s important that you register your phone number(s) so they don’t show up as “Spam” on the caller ID of your prospects. Use this link:

 3b. Your First Dial Session

Jump into your first dial session sooner than later. All you need is your calendar, some courage and a big, fat stack of leads. We recommend you start your first dial session on older leads and work your way up to A leads as you get more comfortable with the script. It’s a more cost effective way to learn.

Here are a few tips for your first dial session:

  • Have a stack of at least 50-100 leads (more is better)
  • Block off at least 3-4 hours
  • Get comfortable and eliminate distractions
  • Put your scripts up where you can see them and start dialing! Don’t worry about messing up. Imperfect action beats perfect stagnancy every time.
      • Dial each number 2-3 times
      • If you get to the bottom of your stack before you’ve booked your goal, turn your stack over and keep dialing

 3c. Handling Objections

There are only a handful of objections you’re likely to get on the phone. The sooner you dial and go through them, the sooner you’ll get good at handling objections and diffusing them. Experienced agents get the same number of objections, they just handle them differently.

  • I already signed up for coverage
  • Can we do this on the phone?
  • How much does this cost?
  • Can you just email me the information?
  • I didn’t send in any request

 3d. Door Knocking

Door knocking does NOT mean going door-to-door. Here’s how it works: before long, you’ll have a stack of leads in hand of folks who just won’t pick up the phone. Block off some time, grab the stack and go door knock those homes. You’ll be surprised at how much friendlier people are in person.

  • Use a similar script as what you say when dialing older leads
  • Approach the door with only the lead in hand (no bags)
  • Seek to book the appointment, not to go into an appointment
  • If not home, leave a “DELIVERY NOTICE” sticky note

 3e. Dial Training/Examples