Ethos Platform. Here’s a tour behind the scenes of your Ethos dashboard. This training from Jake Bair (our Ethos rep) walks you through the ins and outs of how to take advantage of this new platform, including quoting and taking applications.

Chris Tinsman, one of Equis’ top producers, trains on how to approach Ethos leads. Take a few minutes to watch this brief training before you start making calls to ensure you’re approaching it from the right mindset and expectations.


Click to download the scripts used for calling, voicemail and texting Ethos leads

Here, Regional Manager Chris Tinsman breaks down how to approach Ethos Leads- what to say and how to dial to give yourself the best odds of success working with them.

For this dial session, I sat down with a batch of 15 Ethos leads. Two of them booked right off the bat with a text message. I did edit out all the ones who didn’t pick up (about half).