If you’re here, it means you’re licensed in your state and have already at least started the contracting process through the Equis insurance carriers! Congratulations- you’re made huge progress. This is where the fun begins. Use the links on this page to establish and build out your foundation. There’s a lot to learn, but take it one step at a time and you’ll be in the field protecting families and earning commissions before you know it.

 1a. New Agent Checklist

  1. Binder 1: Presentation– Get a 1/2″ or 1″ three-ring binder to hold your sales materials, forms and In-Home Presentation and the Carrier Recommendations Sheets
  2. Binder 2: Underwriting Guides– Get a thin binder, download the Term Underwriting Guide and the Final Expense Underwriting Guide, print them out and place them in pocket protector sheets. Also download the Applications Guide, a collection of the most common applications.
  3. Forms– Print a good handful of Underwriting Forms, Application Review Forms and Policy Quote Forms
  4. Lanyard & Business Cards– Order these yourself at Staples or through our Online Marketing Partner
  5. Materials from Key Carriers– Call each of your contracted carriers, let them know you’re a new agent and would like a starter pack of sales materials sent to your home for all their key products (list on step 1c)

 1b. Pack Your Bag

You’ll want a backpack or bag to make it convenient to carry everything you need as you walk into a home. It should contain the following:

  • Your two completed binders (step 1a)
  • Your laptop or iPad (iPads tend to work best)
  • Carrier brochures of the most common products
  • Pens, stapler, business cards
  • Blank folders, underwriting forms and review sheets

The video will show you how I’ve set up my bag and also my home office.

 1c. Access Apps and Quotes

You can access all quote calculators here. Download or bookmark them and run a few sample quotes to get familiar with how they work.

You can access applications on your Equis dashboard under Carrier Resources on the left navigation. Download and print a hard copy of all the most common applications so you have a backup in case technology becomes an issue. These include:

  • Foresters Financial: Strong Foundation, Smart UL, PlanRight, Advantage Plus II
  • American Amicable (AmAm): Senior Choice, Home Protector
  • CFG (Columbian Financial Group): Dignified Choice (final expense), SafeShield term
  • Mutual of Omaha (MoO): Living Promise, Term Life Express, Indexed Universal Life Express

 1d. Set Your Goals

There are benchmarks you should strive for as you progress along the road. If you haven’t yet, set some lofty goals that will push you out of your comfort zone and share them with your manager. Here are a few milestones to help you get focused…

Ignite Award (for brand new agents only)- Write at least 3 paid applications for $2,750 or more APV in the first 45 days. You can see your progress on the tracker at the bottom of your Equis back office page under “Dashboard.”

Production Comp Increases– when you issue pay enough volume in a month, you can give yourself a commission raise!

Sales Manager– A Sales Manager is your next step, with a commission rate of 75-80%. You can achieve this with a personal volume of $5,000 or a team volume of $15,000 in paid production in a single month.

To help you set your goals, here’s a link to the full compensation plan.

 1e. Build Your Game Plan

Whether you’re writing applications, building your team or both, your numbers are the most important part of understanding, tracking and diagnosing your business. There are a few key numbers you need to be tracking. As long as you keep on top of them, your manager will always know exactly how to help fix where you are stuck.

Download and print this game plan and share it with your manager. Post it in your office or somewhere that you’ll be reminded of what activity you need to be doing each week to achieve your goals.

 1f. Plug Into Education

Equis puts out a regular vodcast, interviewing top agents in the country. Access it from your agent dashboard in your Training Center or click here.

As an agent, you’ll likely spend some time on the road. Turn driving time into learning time by plugging into several podcasts also available to keep you learning and growing. Find these by name on your podcast platform of choice:

  • Agents for Life is a weekly report from Matthew Wilson with sales tips, stories, training and other surprises
  • Good Life Podcast is put out by the Cornerstone Group (John Kight).
  • The Sylvester Team is a podcast from Dick and Connie Sylvester and always has great tips and ideas for improving your sales