Leads are available but not required. If you have a limited budget for leads, you may want to start with older, less expensive leads (2c – 2g). Either way, the right lead strategy will be critical to your success at Equis. Schedule a call with your manager to see what approach would be right for you.

 2a. Your Circle of Influence

Everyone needs life insurance, including YOU! Unless you’re adequately covered, writing a policy on yourself or a member of your immediate family is not only good practice, it’s also low-pressure and gives you a commission right out of the gate.

Next, why not reach out to people you know and let them know you’re in the industry? Offer to review their policy for free or to “practice” reviewing policies (since you’re new). The practice will be valuable and you may surprise yourself by writing a bunch of new business. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t be pushy, be yourself and ask as one friend to another if you can come over and review their policy
  • If you’re not sure what to do, simply download the Policy Review Form and fill it out when you get there
  • Most people do NOT know what they have in their policy- you’ll be surprised
  • Call your upline manager from the home, as you would in any other appointment
  • Some agents get so good at working inside their own market and asking for referrals that they never have to purchase a single lead!


2b. Investing in Leads

Shifting over to a CEO mentality means investing money into your business. Without leads, you have no appointments. Without appointments, you have no income. One of the things all top leaders do is invest in their business. If there was a secret to big numbers, it’s lead flow.

The biggest leaders on the leaderboard are investing $1,000 a week in leads (but they’re making $150K+ in income at that level). You’ll want to start where you are, but start somewhere and grow from there. The more income you make, the more you have to invest back into your business. Your upline manager will help you make the best recommendations and plan to get you going.


2c. Integrity Lead Center Leads

2d. (Final Expense) Leads

If you’d like to run Final Expense leads, contact your upline manager first and schedule a chat. Final Expense require a different strategy and it’s best if you’re coached through it to make sure it’s the right approach for what you need or what might suit you.

2e. IPLs (Incomplete Phone Leads)

IPL leads are a great way to start your business. These leads are newer. They are created when someone calls into the 800 # but does NOT complete the conversation for some reason. They may have become disinterested, they may have hung up too early, or maybe the cat got diarrhea. Nobody knows…until you call them. Expect to book about 1 in 5 you talk to. But make sure you use the IPL script! Pete Beckman does some great training on these in the Agent Training Center on your dashboard.

2f. Other Lead Sources


T1: 3-9 months old ($6/lead)
T2: 9-18 months old ($4/lead)
T3: 18+ months ($2/lead)

Cheryl Davis
Office: (888) 346-4686
Direct: (918) 858-0967



$.50, $1.00, $3.00 leads. Click on the link below and set up an account (made especially for Equis agents):