As a founder of Equis, Rob is a master at appointments. Over the last 20+ years, he’s probably run more appointments than the rest of us combined. Listen and you’ll see why.

Nick started out as a face-to-face agent. Wanting to take advantage of the evolving market, he now does all his appointments virtually. Listen to him explain how he handles his presentation.

It’s important that you set everything up correctly as you begin your appointment. We call this “setting the table.” Listen and apply these principles and you’ll see your ratios increase.

Finding the Pain During an Appointment

Watch how Eric Valdez, one of the masters in the life insurance world, walks a prospect through the process of finding and feeling the pain of what happens when they lose a loved one. No wonder he has such a high success rate!

Mortgage Protection Appointment

Tanya Hughes is one of the Top virtual producers in the country at Equis. Here’s a brief training on how she sets up her appointment, builds value and works toward closing the sale and helping her clients make a decision.

Asking for the Sale

Eric Valdez, Integrity Marketing partner, teaches about successfully transitioning to the sale on a Mortgage Protection appointment. In this example, he presents options to protect the mortgage for 12, 18 and 24 months.


“I already Have Life Insurance…”

Eric Valdez, Integrity Marketing partner, goes in on how to handle the objection about what to say when someone already has life insurance.

“I’ll Just Put This into my Savings Account…”

Eric Valdez, Integrity Marketing partner, teaches on how to handle the conversation when your prospect feels he would rather put the premium into a savings account.

“I Want to Think About It…”

Bill Roman, a long-time life insurance veteran teaches how he handles a “think about it” objection that works 80% of the time for him.

Listen in on how Connor, one of Equis’ top agents in the country handles the famous “Think about it” objection.

Carlos teaches a very simple, yet effective script about how to respond when your prospect wants to think about things.


Jimmy has been running mortgage protection appointments since before he was walking. Kidding, but he does have it down to a science. His full appointment is just 12 minutes.

Appointment (Critical Period): Noell Hughes

Noell is one of the best presenters in the business. On this appointment, she helps an older couple protect their mortgage using the critical period (equity protection) strategy.

Appointment (Critical Period): Matthew Wilson

Here’s a couple who got a final expense policy, in spite of a history with A-Fib & diabetic neuropathy. By asking questions, I discovered his policy had a 2-year wait. Notice her reaction…


Conducting a Policy Review

This video walks you through how to conduct a life insurance policy review to uncover all the possible opportunities you could take advantage of to protect a family.

When conducting a review on someone’s existing coverage, it’s important to understand how and when it might be appropriate to recommend replacing it. 


Door Knocking on Saturday Mornings

Eric Valdez, Integrity Marketing partner, goes in on how to handle the objection about what to say when someone already has life insurance.