An excerpt from the national coaching call, Connor and Trish go back and forth about how they book their mortgage protection appointments. These tips will help you master this skill.

Here, Regional Manager Chris Tinsman breaks down how to approach Ethos Leads- what to say and how to dial to give yourself the best odds of success working with them.

Older Mortgage Protection Leads. Nobody ran an insurance sales business better than Bill Martin. Here’s a quick snippet that shows you his approach, tonality and script on how he connected with these older leads and got them to say YES to an appointment.

Tanya Hughes, one of the top virtual agents in the country, trains on how she firms up her appointment to help reduce the number of no-shows.


For this dial session, I sat down with 15 A leads: 13 IVRs and two online leads. All mortgage protection. After the dial session, I texted those that didn’t pick up and booked two more.

For this dial session, I sat down with a batch of 15 Ethos leads. Two of them booked right off the bat with a text message. I did edit out all the ones who didn’t pick up (about half).